RMCET Wackersdorf Starts Junior

The second round of the RMC Euro Trophy brings the first change in the championship, in the Senior MAX, where there has been a leadership change.

Sean Butcher (KR Sport), one of the most competitive in Germany, has displaced Vic Stevens (Bouvin Power) from the top position. Butcher, who finished 4th at the finish line, leads the standings with 310 points; 14 more than Lewis Gilbert (Kraft Motorsport).

S. Butcher - 310
L. Gilbert - 296
M. Bishop - 289

Jacob Ashcroft's (Dan Holland Racing) setback does not alter the standings; the Briton, just off the podium at ProKart Raceland, keeps the lead. Obviously, the rivals are getting closer: the winner in Germany, Casper Nissen (RS Competition), is only 8 points behind.

J. Ashcroft - 307
C. Nissen - 299
N. Janssen - 289

The two classes, DD2 and DD2 Masters, see the leaders Enzo Bol (SP Motorsport) and Nicolas Picot (Privateer) extending their lead in the standings. Bol leads by 16 points; Picot by 32 points.

E. Bol - 307
B. Szabo - 291
X. De Ruwe - 284

N. Picot - 330
M. Tankevicius - 298
I. Mukhin - 294

In E20 Senior the win is not enough for Spencer Brougham AKK Sportil), who’s 3rd overall behind Raul Vargas (SLK Academy) who was very consistent and Will Elswood (Kraft Motorsport) unlucky in the Final. Hector Ramirez is leading in Masters.

S. Brougham - 156
W. Elswood - 153
S. Brougham - 150

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