Welcome to the Rotax Max Challenge Euro Trophy

The new 3-day-format of the Rotax MAX Challenge Euro Trophy 2018 sees the introduction of a shorter duration program for this international event due the preference of many competitors and to align it with other Rotax kart racing events.
The number of tyre sets that may be used is limited for the scheduled free practice and racing.


Rotax 125 Junior MAX
Rotax 125 MAX (Senior)
Rotax 125 MAX DD2
Rotax 125 MAX DD2 Masters


2 sets for free practice
2 sets for racing

A total of nine Rotax MAX Challenge Grand Finals tickets will be awarded to the best placed drivers in the overall championship ranking of the Rotax MAX Challenge Euro Trophy in 2018*

*Refer to the RMCET Sporting Regulations 2018 for more details


“We are excited to organize the Rotax MAX Challenge Euro Trophy in 2018 and we are promising our competitors a well organized high level racing series on European ground.”

Meik Wagner
CEO of Camp Company