Welcome to the Rotax Max Challenge Euro Trophy

Returning under a new guise back in 2018, the Rotax Max Challenge Euro Trophy gets underway with its sixth season in 2023. The very best of international talent in Rotax will head to four fantastic circuits in three countries, all of which are well-recognized by the karting fraternity.

The four rounds will take place over the course of just under five months, which will see highly charged action across the duration of the current campaign, where ten tickets for the 2023 Rotax MAX Challenge Grand Finals will be available for those that are successful. Additional tickets for the RMCGF 2023 will be awarded in the Rotax Project E20 Senior and Senior Masters categories.

Mini MAX drivers will also return to three weekends of the season (Genk, Mariembourg and PFi). The winners at Genk and Mariembourg receive a chance to compete at the Rotax MAX Challenge International Trophy at Le Mans in late July.


E20 Drivers Listen Up!

We have a special offer for the last race of the RMCET at PFI:
An additional ticket to the Rotax MAX Challenge Grand Finals will be awarded for the winner of the PFI race and there is also a special offers for all E20 Drivers on the Arrive & Drive Package if they inscribe through their local distributor for the E20 Junior, E20 Senior and E20 Senior Masters categories. Just contact your local distributor for more information.


Rotax 125 Mini MAX
Rotax 125 Junior MAX
Rotax 125 MAX (Senior)
Rotax 125 MAX DD2
Rotax 125 MAX DD2 Masters
Rotax Project E20 Junior, Senior and Senior Masters (two rounds of the season)

A total of twelve Rotax MAX Challenge Grand Finals tickets will be awarded as follows:

Mini MAX: 1st
Junior MAX: 1st, 2nd, 3rd
Senior MAX: 1st, 2nd, 3rd
DD2: 1st, 2nd
DD2 Masters: 1st
E20 Senior: 1st
E20 Senior Masters: 1st

E20 Junior: the champion of the E20 Junior will be awarded with a 5000 EUR Voucher, after the two rounds at Genk and PFI!

Mini MAX: each event winner from Genk and Mariembourg receives a ticket to the RMC International Trophy 2023.