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Rotax MAX Challenge Euro Trophy Magazines

1 - 2024 RMC Winter Cup, Campillos
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2 - 2024 RMC Euro Trophy, Genk
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3 - 2024 RMC Euro Trophy, Wackersdorf
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4 - 2024 RMC Euro Trophy, Franciacorta
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Picture Galleries

  • 2024 - Round 1, Genk

    2024 RMCET starts in Genk, an amazing weekend full fo emotions an excitment. 

  • 2024 - Round 2, Wackersdorf

    The E20 classes join the championship, we celebrate 5 new winners in Germany; Bol and Picot make it double in DD2 and DD2 Masters.

  • RMCET 2023 PFI

    Follow the link to the picture gallery of the last race of the RMC Euro Trophy 2023 at PFI, UK

  • RMCET 2023 Mariembourg

    Follow the link to the picture gallery of the third round of the RMC Euro Trophy 2023 in Mariembourg, Belgium.

  • RMCET 2023 Val d'Argenton

    Check out the pictures of round 2 of the 2023 RMCET in Val d'Argenton, France.

  • RMCET 2023 Genk

    Follow the link to the piture gallery of the first round of the RMCET 2023 in Genk, Belgium.

Winter Cup Campillos
RMCET #1 Genk
RMCET #2 Wackersdorf
RMCET #3 Franciacorta
RMCET #4 Lonato
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