RMCGF Tickets

U6 R6840

Elevate your karting experience with the RMC Euro Trophy. Win exclusive tickets to the Rotax MAX Challenge Grand Finals 2024 in Sarno, Italy and other amazing prizes.

Get ready for high-octance excitement and heart-pounding action alongside the world's top karting talents on our iconic tracks. Your big ticket to the heart of the action awaits - seize the moment with the RMC Euro Trophy! 

Mini MAX, Junior MAX, Senior MAX, DD2 & DD2 Masters can win as following:

1st place: Free entry to all 4 RMCET events
2nd place: Free entry to 2 RMCET events
3rd place: RMC International Trophy free entry ticket (incl race tyres)

RMC Grand Finals Tickets are awarded to the respective categories as following:

Junior MAX: 1st, 2nd and 3rd place
Senior MAX: 1st, 2nd and 3d place
1st and 2nd place
MAX DD2 Masters: 1st place

Mini MAX (Franciacorta & Lonato): 1st place

On each Euro Cup - Belgian (Genk) and German (Wackersdorf) - we are awarding one ticket to the RMC Grand Finals for the 1st placed Mini MAX Driver.

RMC Grand Finals Tickets will be awarded as follows:

E20 Senior: 1st place - RMCGF Senior MAX ticket (combustion)
E20 Senior: 2nd place - RMCGF MAX DD2 ticket (combustion)
E20 Senior: 3rd Place - RMCGF E20 Senior ticket

E20 Masters:
1st place - RMCGF E20 Masters ticket

BRP-Rotax will be offering two additional prizes, a Rotax MAX engine and a free entry for the RMC Euro Trophy 2025 which will be raffled at the podium at the final round in Lonato, Italy

Winter Cup Campillos
RMCET #1 Genk
RMCET #2 Wackersdorf
RMCET #3 Franciacorta
RMCET #4 Lonato
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