Babicek, Ashcroft, Bishop, Bol e Picot the best after the heats

4 After Heats

20 heats have determined the starting grids for the Pre-Finals of the first round of the Rotax MAX Challenge Euro Trophy in Belgium.

At Karting Genk: The Home of Champions, the top performers were: Zdenek Babicek (Mini MAX - TEPZ Racing), Jacob Ashcroft (Junior MAX - Dan Holland Racing), Macauley Bishop (Senior MAX - Dan Holland Racing), Enzo Bol (DD2 - SP Motorsport), and Nicolas Picot (DD2 Masters - Privateer).

Babicek Beats Friend

The battle intensifies between Zdenek Babicek (TEPZ Racing) and Albert Friend (Strawberry Racing). Their head-to-head saw Babicek prevail over the British winner at Campillos. Friday Pole-sitter AJ Burggraaff (SP Motorsport) takes third, thus starting from the external line - first row - in Pre-Final.

The Battle Rages Behind Ashcroft

Jacob Ashcroft (Dan Holland Racing) remains ahead of everyone in Junior MAX. The British driver secures 2 victories and a 2nd place; only teammate Toms Strele managed to outdo him. Strele sits in 2nd, followed by the consistent Boaz Maximov (Bouvin Power) and German Noah Janssen (Doerr Motorsport). MKC Motorsport's Dragos Avasilcutei, pole-sitter in his qualifying group, seemed to struggle, dropping to 7th after heats.

Who Can Stop Bishop?

This is the question emerging after two days of heats. Macauley Bishop (Dan Holland Racing) confirms yesterday morning's pole position, securing a clean sweep. Fellow countryman Kai Hunter (Hunter Motorsport) takes pole for Pre-Final B and 2nd overall. 3rd is Campillos winner Jayden Thien (Dan Holland Motorsport).

Bol Surprises Everyone

Dutchman Enzo Bol of SP Motorsport emerges as the best among the DD2 drivers after the Heats. Bol secures 2 out of 2, beating Patriks Locmelis (MRG Racing) and pole-sitter Paul Fourquemin (DAEMS Racing), who finishes 3rd. 4th is Ragnar Veerus (Kivi Racing Team).

Picot Claims 2 out of 3

Once again, Nicolas Picot (Privateer) leads the pack in DD2 Masters. The Frenchman wins 2 heats out of 3, with yesterday's heat going to Haralds Garkaklis (Privateer), who sits 2nd in the standings. A bumper penalty in the last heat alters the plans for Martynas Tankevicius (Privateer), who finishes 6th overall.

Tomorrow's schedule for Pre-Finals and Finals, streamed live at:

10.10 DD2 Masters Prefinal
10.30 DD2 Prefinal A
10.50 DD2 Prefinal B
11.10 Mini MAX Prefinal A
11.30 Mini MAX Prefinal B
11.50 Junior MAX Prefinal A
12.10 Junior MAX Prefinal B
12.30 Senior MAX Prefinal A
12.50 Senior MAX Prefinal B

14.00 DD2 MASTERS Final
14.30 DD2 MASTERS Final
15.00 Mini MAX Final
15.30 Junior MAX Final
16.00 Senior MAX Final

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