The anticipation is building as the Franciacorta Karting Circuit prepares to host the 3rd round of the prestigious Rotax MAX Challenge Euro Trophy.

A total of 236 verified drivers from around the world are set to compete in this exciting event, which promises to deliver thrilling racing action.

The drivers will be competing across 6 categories, showcasing a wide range of talent and skill levels. The categories and the number of participants in each are as follows:

Mini MAX: 44, Junior MAX: 54, Senior MAX: 91, DD2: 29, DD2 Masters: 12, E20 Senior Masters: 6.

Friday's schedule will begin at 8.15 AM, with all classes having one Free Practice session followed by a Non-Qualifying Practice session (starting from 10.50 AM). Qualifying will begin at 12:30 PM, while the Heats will start at 2:40 PM.

On Sunday, July 7, the Pre-finals and Finals will be broadcasted live on TV through Live Streaming on Rotax MAX Challenge Euro Trophy's Facebook page, RMCET website,, and YouTube platforms:

ROTAX MAX Euro Trophy Facebook (click here), RMCET Website (click here), (click here), RMCET Youtube channel (click hereand subscribe it), WSK Promotion Youtube channel (click here and subscribe it).

Information, Standings, Results at:

RMC Euro Trophy
Press Office

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