Franciacorta standings

The long week of racing and the Sunday rain upend the championship standings, just one race away from the allocation of tickets for the 2024 Rotax MAX Challenge Grand Finals. What’s the situation?

Friend and Babicek, always them. But watch out for Loomets

The 2024 RMCET kicks off in Franciacorta for the Mini MAX class. The consistency of Albert Friend (Strawberry Racing) and the victory of Zdenek Babicek (TEPZ Racing) secure them the top two positions in the championship. In third place is Mark Loomets (Energy Corse), who, however, has a deep knowledge of the Lonato track, the venue for the second and final round.

A. Friend, 162
Z. Babicek, 155
M. Loomets, 148

Nissen is the new leader!

After the RMC Winter Cup, the victory at Genk, and the race at Wackersdorf, Jacob Ashcroft's (Dan Holland Racing) stunning comeback in the final, 24 positions, is not enough to maintain the championship lead. Thanks to Casper Nissen (RS Competition), who takes the championship lead, and also to Ties van Wijk.

C. Nissen, 454
T. Van Wijk, 439
J. Ashcroft, 426

Butcher still ahead

He doesn't win but "manages". Sean Butcher (KR Sport) remains at the top in Senior MAX. However, the Briton has to watch his back from compatriot Matthew Higgins (Dan Holland Racing), who, with his second consecutive win, closes in by less than ten point.

S. Butcher, 449
M. Higgins, 440
M. Bishop, 434

Bol doesn't win, but stays first

Mauro Simoni's victory doesn't shake up DD2. Enzo Bol (SP Motorsport), who at the last minute decided to enter the Franciacorta race, finishes third, which is enough for him to remain first in the championship.

E. Bol, 429
P. Fourquemin, 417
B. Szabo, 408

Picot, just him

Nicolas Picot continues his solo performance, being the first to win 3 out of 3 races in 2024 RMCET. Behind him are Martynas Tankevicius (Lenktyniu Linija) and Igor Mukhin.

N. Picot, 495
M. Tankevicius, 450
I. Mukhin, 444

Brougham from 3rd to leading the series

The victories in the Prefinal and Final, in addition to the win in the Final at Wackersdorf, allow Spencer Brougham to surpass everyone in the championship.

S. Brougham, 315
R. Vargas, 306
W. Elswood, 304

With 14 tickets to be allocated, the appointment is set for the week of 1st September at South Garda Karting in Lonato for the final round of the 2024 RMCET.

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3 RCMET Standings After Franciacorta
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Winter Cup Campillos
RMCET #1 Genk
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RMCET #3 Franciacorta
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