RMCET #3 Franciacorta

Jul 05 - 07, 2024
Franciacorta Karting Track

The second half of the season heads south in the summer to introduce the newest venue on the world stage that has everyone talking, Franciacorta Karting Track in Italy.

Franciacorta DJI 0542 2500px
Spot 1 in Italy

Franciacorta Karting Track

The Franciacorta Karting Track inherits the sporting legacy of the Castrezzato Motorsport Arena. CIK-FIA-approved, the 1300-meter track stands out with its long straights, technical sections, and, most notably, variations in track elevation, making it a unique facility capable of challenging all drivers.The venue features two paddocks, two restaurants, and an expanding hotel, enhancing the overall experience for participants. In a significant development, it will make its debut on the Rotax MAX Challenge Euro Trophy calendar in 2024.

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