E20 prizes are growing

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Important news regarding the E20 categories, whose prize list has been revised. 4 will be 2024 Rotax MAX Challenge Grand Finals tickets available for the E20 categories.

E20 Senior: 1st place - RMCGF Senior MAX ticket (combustion)
E20 Senior: 2nd place - RMCGF MAX DD2 ticket (combustion)
E20 Senior: 3rd Place - RMCGF E20 Senior ticket

E20 Masters: 1st place - RMCGF E20 Masters ticket

The championship will kick off at the ProKart Raceland in Wackersdorf (June 7-9), continuing with two Italian rounds at Franciacorta (July 5-7) and Lonato (August 29 - September 1).

Entry for Wackersdorf are still open, click here.

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RMCET #1 Genk
RMCET #2 Wackersdorf
RMCET #3 Franciacorta
RMCET #4 Lonato
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